Thursday, October 30, 2008

2.5 inch Qee Sky Doll Cat

2.5 inch Qee Sky Doll Cat

This unique figure adds custom wings to transform a Kit-Cat Qee into a sci-fi angel, giving way to the exclusive Sky Doll Qee. designed by Sky Doll artists Barbara Canepa and Alessandro Barbucci for Soleil Productions.

this Qee comes in an exclusive box conceived and designed by Matteo De Longis. There will be two versions:

regular (limited to 2000 pieces) and “extra white” (limited to 1000 pieces).

Sky Doll is a successful comic published in the European market for the past ten years. Recently, they joined with Marvel Comics to distribute Sky Doll in the US. After working with Alessandro on the magazine W.I.T.C.H., Barbara and Alessandro paired up again as illustrators and character designers on the Sky Doll comic. Sky Dol, whichl has been awarded best series of the year can be found in over 18 countries

2.5 inch Qee Zhong You Shopping Lady Bear

Shopping Lady Bear - it look so nice!
just released for Zhong You Department Store in Beijing, China

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trick or Qee Gigantic Giveaway

We are pleased to have joined forces with TOYCYTE to bring you a treat for this coming holiday. It is a major giveaway of some really cool TOY2R products along withsome of the newest QEE releases. we offered to give a massive prize package to two lucky ToyCyte readers. The bounty includes over $700 of Toy2R merchandise!

The Rules: There are two ways to win:

THE EASY WAY: 2nd prize will go to someone who leaves a comment below. Tell us why you need these Qee. Are you missing some Space Monkeys? Can’t get enough Kozik? Roommate sold yours on eBay? Need more stuffto dust? It can’t be easier. Really.

THE ‘HELP US HELP YOU’ WAY: 1st prize will get the bigger chunk of Qee from the list above and some special last-minute add-ons directfrom Toy2R. To win, just link to this contest on your blog, website orforum. If you post in a forum, make sure it has a unique thread so wecan track it. Post the URL where you linked to us in the commentssection below in order to get credit (and hey, reciprocal linking iscool). The person who helps spread the word and brings the mostvisitors to ToyCyte between when the contest goes live and the deadlinewill win first prize. Here’s a handy graphic you can use to link to this page:

Deadline: Halloween at midnight PST. Winners will beannounced November 1st 2008.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Toy2R, one of the pioneers in the designer toy business, is excited to announce the launch of Toy2R USA. For more then 10 years, the iconic Toy2R Qee brand has been one of the most recognizable platforms in the designer toy genre.

Establishing a US office will allow Toy2R to expand their global presence. The US office will develop additional avenues of distribution so retailers and fans of Toy2R will have better access to products. Toy2R USA will continue to work with established artists and new, creative talent to grow the artistic element of the brand. The expansion will allow for exciting promotional and licensing opportunities, including Pop-Up stores, Toy2R licensed merchandise and a regular presence at designer toy shows, conventions and trade shows.

Toy2R will broaden its licensing program while continuing licensed projects with Diamond Comic Distributors. In 2009 look for new releases of the successful Simpsons Qee Series as well as Playstation’s Little Big Planet and SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog Qees (being presented through DCD at the Dallas Toy Fair this week) and many, many more.

Kevin Winnik, a 15-year veteran of the toy industry, will be President and Director of Toy2R USA.

About Toy2R USA: Kevin Winnik, a 15-year veteran of the toy industry, is President and Director of Toy2R USA. Kevin and Raymond Choy, creator of Toy2R and the Qee brand, share a vision for the potential growth of the designer toy category. Kevin said, “I am excited about thispartnership with Toy2R. I was introduced to Raymond and the Qee brand in 1998 and fell in love with the endless creative points of view that came out of the original designer toy platform, the Qee. With the establishment of Toy2R USA we will explore a multitude of opportunities and new creative directions.”

For additional information, contact Kevin Winnik at

Saturday, October 11, 2008

adidas Consortium Mircopacer Hamper

Toy2r x 1626 Qee Cover

1626 x Toy2r

Be sure to watch out for 1626 magazine's October release as they celebrate their 100th edition with a limited 2.5 inch commemorative ' Qee' Keychain designed by Toy2R and to be released for the special occasion. Established in 2004, 1626 is the first urban magazine to hit the streets of China . This fashion savvy magazine has spent the past four years promoting the development of China 's domestic culture trends to all those who seek a little flavor. They cover all areas of lifestyle and keep China 's youth up-to-date with; fashion trends, design and creativity, the world of gaming, music, movies and heaps more entertainment to blow you away. Distributed in Guangzhou , Beijing , Shanghai , Chengdu and Guangxi the magazine provides different content for each in order to address the local market within the area. How thoughtful of them! So ask yourself this coming October "What's the latest in 1626 and WHERE ARE MY QEES?!" Keep up the good work 1626!

issue #95

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blank Smash

we heard there is Blank Smash for sale. Pls note Toy2r and Joe Ledbetter did not produce BLANK SMASK, they are Bootleg products. DO NOT PURCHASE THEM.