Friday, September 14, 2007

Lunna & the Stellar Cat Vinyl figure

Dreamig of Toys by Monica Calvo

The character is base don a Monica Calvo's illustration. The story tellsabout the moon, wishes and dreams. Once the moon wished to be a girl to beable to play with kids and laugh, and feel free. But when her dream cametrue, she discovered what she had left behind, how we all want what we cannot have.

Offical Web site:

Approx 5-6 inch Art Vinyl figure made by Toy2r
Avialable: Oct/Nov 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Showroom NYC - 10" DIY QEE PROJECT: Bart Simpson

New Poster

SEPT 14-16.2007

More than 100 Customized 10" D.I.Y. Bart Simpson Qees by Artists andDesigners from across the globe in celebration of THE SIMPSONS arrive inNew York for the next stop of the BART QEE Worldwide Tour .

The Showroom NYC hosts the September U.S. stop of the D.I.Y. QeeProject: BART tour presented by TOY2R and Diamond Comics. TOY2R, DiamondComics and Toy Tokyo have assembled a virtual "who's who" list oftoday's hottest pop culture artists, designers and illustrators fromaround the world. Each original figure has been painted, sculpted, andcustomized to illustrate each artist's own unique re-interpretation ofthe iconic character, Bart Simpson, using as a blank canvas the 10"D.I.Y. Bart Simpson Blank Platform Qee Figure.

As a bonus,there will be an exclusive 3" Bart Simpson Qee - Treeman Black Edition -available for purchase only during the exhibit. This figure will not beavailable anywhere else in the US. Also, there will be a limitedquantity of the 3" D.I.Y. Blank Bart Simpson Qee available for purchaseas well. Additional information can be found at .

further information visit

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sunday, September 2, 2007


I did it from just for Fun - Great toy design from Sun-min Kin

Toy2r x Onitsuka Tiger (asics)

Seminar on "New Trend of Toys Industry"

Seminar on Summer Souring Show for Gifts, Housewares and Toys 2007

The Seminar will host by Founder President of Toy2r - Mr. Raymond Choy, from how to start the Business of Toy2r, lookingthe market Environment of Toys Industry and Growing Demand for Collectible toy market. Business Target's Challenges and Advantages of HK SMEs

Date: 3 July 2007 (Tuesday)
Time: 2:30 pm
Venue: Rooms 206-208
Speaker : Mr. Raymond Choy, Founder President of Toy2r (Holdings) Company Ltd.
Cantonese (Simultaneous Interpretation in English)