Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bossy Bear and Friends

A TTF launch exclusive comes from David Horvath - the 7.5" Turtle with Crown figure makes it debut at the convention. From the pages of Horvath's children's book - Just like Bossy Bear comes a friend for life. Perfect for anyone who purchased the 12" Bossy Bear - now these two can rule to roost! Don't miss out on the previously announces David Horvath items also available at the show - Launch of the Just Like Bossy Bear Assortment, Lemony Fresh Edition and much more!!!

7.5" Turtle figure

Designed by Daivd Horvath, the best friend of Bossy Bear.

7.5 inch Turtle in ratio of 12 inch Bossy Bear

3.5 inch vs 7.5 inch Turtle.

Qee Leo figure

3.5 inch Qee Leo figure
Leo Romeo Designed by William Tsang (Brotherworker)

From the design group known as Brothersworker - William Tsang has collaborated with TOY2R to launch the newest QEE - Leo! Available in three different versions (Ah Leo, Clown Leo and Skull Leo) utilizing the classic 2.5" Qee platform, the Leo Qee features a newly sculpted head just for this launch and as always - includes the Qee Keychain attachment. SRP - NTD$600 / US$19 - Note that only 20 pieces of each will be available (Prototype Production Edition). This marks the second Brothersworker member to collaborate with TOY2R - First was Kenny Wong creating the Molly Qee.

Selfridges 100th Anniversary - 36 inch Yellow and Black Qee

The Selfridges located on Oxford Street in London, This Superstore opened their Designer Toy Lounge. They are carrying Toy2R brand and orthers such as Momiki, Kid Robot, Ugly Dolls, Mimobots, Blik Wall Graphics and STRANGEco with everything adding up to about three hundred products.

So if you¹re in London and just visit Selfridges

Saturday, June 13, 2009

IEA's new office Opening Ceremony

on the 19th of June, 2009 in the afternoon at 3pm

We are pleased to let you know that Innovative Entrepreneur Association has now got a new office in the tower of Hong Kong Productivity Council at Kowloon Tong. The facilities and infrastructure of HKPC are well organized and our board of directors would certainly perform much efficiently serving the people of Hong Kong and pushing for more entrepreneurship.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bossy Bear and Friends - The yellow edition

this special edition of Bossy BEAR AND FRIENDS all colored into Yellow/Black, each limited 300 pcs Window Color Boxed, Watch for them at the coming July's Taipei Toy Festival

Bossy Bear and friends designed by David Horvath