Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Toy2R, one of the pioneers in the designer toy business, is excited to announce the launch of Toy2R USA. For more then 10 years, the iconic Toy2R Qee brand has been one of the most recognizable platforms in the designer toy genre.

Establishing a US office will allow Toy2R to expand their global presence. The US office will develop additional avenues of distribution so retailers and fans of Toy2R will have better access to products. Toy2R USA will continue to work with established artists and new, creative talent to grow the artistic element of the brand. The expansion will allow for exciting promotional and licensing opportunities, including Pop-Up stores, Toy2R licensed merchandise and a regular presence at designer toy shows, conventions and trade shows.

Toy2R will broaden its licensing program while continuing licensed projects with Diamond Comic Distributors. In 2009 look for new releases of the successful Simpsons Qee Series as well as Playstation’s Little Big Planet and SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog Qees (being presented through DCD at the Dallas Toy Fair this week) and many, many more.

Kevin Winnik, a 15-year veteran of the toy industry, will be President and Director of Toy2R USA.

About Toy2R USA: Kevin Winnik, a 15-year veteran of the toy industry, is President and Director of Toy2R USA. Kevin and Raymond Choy, creator of Toy2R and the Qee brand, share a vision for the potential growth of the designer toy category. Kevin said, “I am excited about thispartnership with Toy2R. I was introduced to Raymond and the Qee brand in 1998 and fell in love with the endless creative points of view that came out of the original designer toy platform, the Qee. With the establishment of Toy2R USA we will explore a multitude of opportunities and new creative directions.”

For additional information, contact Kevin Winnik at info@toy2rusa.com.