Thursday, August 13, 2009

Toy2R x Fully Visual - 2.5" Qee Real Metal Bear

2.5¨ Qee Bears in real metal from who else but FULLY VISUAL company . TOY2R is the first Designer cooperation Collaboration with FullyVisual,these drop:

There are three editions shown above (gold, silver, and copper) plus a special bonus chase for customers who purchase the set of all three.

each colorway has a limited run of 50 figures made
Silver US$40, Copper US$50, Gold US$60
Buy all three and get a secret bonus chase figure

Date: August 13th 2009 Thursday
Time: 11 AM PST
Where: FullyVisual online store .

The bonus chase is pretty sweet - but that's all we can say for now.

Good Luck to get the one you like ASAP!

A small, one man, operation specializing in fine hand cast metal figures and other cool items designed by your favorite artists. These limited edition figures are cast from meticulously hand sculpted prototypes, meeting the exact specifications of each individual artist. All characters/figures are the property of their respective trademarks and copyrights and owned solely by the artists as named. Keep checking
back for future limited releases from the world's greatest artists.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

2.5" Qee Paper Cut bear

hers is the first preview look of the SAMPLE of Paper cut Bear! Image of final version to be released soon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Don't Stop Your Dream



像牛仔布紋一樣斑駁的漆面,公仔質感跟設計感也都很棒,胸前還有Don't Stop Your Dream字樣,不要放棄自己的夢想啦!!!! 韋恩這一組限量16吋大的Qee熊也不會讓Qee熊迷失望才對!! 限量8組,只抽不賣,市價約20000元。


韋恩 x Toy2R 限量卡車帽 前面擺滿了Qee熊圖案 。 市價約1500元

韋恩 x Toy2R 限量潮Tee 胸前還有Don't Stop Your Dream字樣,以及Qee熊素體圖案。市價約1500元。

上網[韋恩咖啡夢想不睡活動網站] 登錄發票,每週抽一次,總共8次機會。

9月14 第二重抽獎還有Kymco Racing 噴射150機車總共兩台!!
有興趣的朋友快點去試試手氣吧~ 尤其是有在收藏Qee熊的朋友絕對不能錯過的說!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jay222 - Project 36" qee

here is a link to Jay222's latest piece. video-taped the process of making a 3 foot Qee, I hope you all enjoy.. piece of Big Monster!