Saturday, October 11, 2008

Toy2r x 1626 Qee Cover

1626 x Toy2r

Be sure to watch out for 1626 magazine's October release as they celebrate their 100th edition with a limited 2.5 inch commemorative ' Qee' Keychain designed by Toy2R and to be released for the special occasion. Established in 2004, 1626 is the first urban magazine to hit the streets of China . This fashion savvy magazine has spent the past four years promoting the development of China 's domestic culture trends to all those who seek a little flavor. They cover all areas of lifestyle and keep China 's youth up-to-date with; fashion trends, design and creativity, the world of gaming, music, movies and heaps more entertainment to blow you away. Distributed in Guangzhou , Beijing , Shanghai , Chengdu and Guangxi the magazine provides different content for each in order to address the local market within the area. How thoughtful of them! So ask yourself this coming October "What's the latest in 1626 and WHERE ARE MY QEES?!" Keep up the good work 1626!

issue #95