Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bossy Bear event in NYC

David Horavth will be signing at our Bossy Bear event in NYC, we will showcasing the 2009 Bossy Bear line for all to see.

We're also creating special " Test Shot" versions of Bossy Bear series figures for this event. each limited only 100 pcs and only 50 pcs each will be release in the event. More info very soon.

Date: Thursday, Feb 12th 2009
Time: from 6 to 10 PM
Address: Yoyamart, 15 Gansevoort Street, NYC, 10014 USA
Tel: 212 242 5511

3.5 inch Turtle plastic figure (Bossy Bear series) available in Feb 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Qee Bag collection 2009

As TOY2R enters into the world of licensed QEE products. Toy2R presents is first line of women's accessories - handbags, totes, wallets and more. Available only for the China main-land market, this line of products is being produced by FX Creations.

Friday, January 23, 2009


QEE SHOP @ China
check Address from ID2R

籌備已久, TOY2R 旗下品牌之QEE 手袋系列
16/01/2009星期六在廣州景點商場, 正式開業.

地點 : 廣州市越秀區地鉄"公園前"站景點商場

this line of products is being produced by FX Creations featured in boutique shopping areas as seen above in the new QEE Store which opened on January 16th.

Toy2R wishes you a successful Year of the Ox!

Happy Chinese New Year of the Ox!

We would like to take this opportunity
to wish you a Happy Chinese NewYear!
We wish you a prosperous and successful
year ahead!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TOY2R as the Grand Award Winner

2008 Innovation & Creativity Grand Award by Hong Kong Awards for Industries (HKAI) - Toy2R (Holdings) Company Limited

The Organizing Committee of the HKAI celebrates the event to recognize the outstanding achievements of Hong Kong enterprises in their move towards higher technology and higher value-added activities. the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC), we are extremely honored to be the Grand Award Winner for Innovation & Creativity as the award identifies a company as being committed to the pursuit of excellence, and producing quality products and services in which customers can have full confidence.

meet with the Honorable Mr John Tsang Chun-wah, Financial Secretary of the HKSAR
presented the awards to all Grand Award Winners

About the Hong Kong Awards for Industries:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Bee.WEBZINE x Raymond Live

thanks for everything! New Blog of my view of Trend


16/01/2009 - Qee Handbag Store open in China!

BaBee- by Danny Chan

Babee Look super cool ~ !

雅虎香港 - 中小企成功秘笈 Toy2R

創意+質素 Toy2R成大企業寵兒
成功重點: 創新意念,獨特設計,與名牌合作,提高知名度,設計師和玩家把作品作世界巡迴展出,成功吸引注意...

Click above to view in full Article


2008 Best Innovation & Creativity Award for Young in China by 1626 Magazine (中國最受年輕人歡迎創意品牌獎)

2009 Director of The Innovative Entrepreneur Association (創意創業會第二屆董事)

Hong Kong Trade Development Council's (TDC) Toys Advisory Committee (貿易發展局玩具業諮詢委員)

2008 Best Block Toy "Qee" by Action Figure Times

Monday, January 19, 2009

1626 - BOOM Night Party

It was nice to meet many people and the Party is real Fun! I recieved the Award of -
2008 Best Innovation & Creativity Award for Young in China

Great to meet in the Party! MC Jin Au-Yeung

Toy2R能得到1626頒發 ”2008中國最受年輕人歡迎創意品牌獎 ”, 證明“藝術產品設計”,可以在國內有更多創作及發展空間的。QEE被稱為史上最强悍最流行的平台玩具,Toy2R让艺术玩具变成了一个可供大规模消费的生活用品,我們用美術“藝術” 來突破產品設計、打破繪畫與藝術之間的界限,在这个唯创意为先的时代,玩具再也不是孩子的事了, 已經进入了大人的世界,在潮流品牌 、设计师与艺术家的加盟下,为艺术玩具找到了一个極度商业化的出口, 艺术有了商业化, 玩具纳入潮流及艺术体系,从而迅速在香港、台湾 , 欧美市场刮起旋风,掀起了一轮又一轮的跨界合作潮流..

Toy2R將「人人都可以設計」的素體理念推廣, 堅持走原创设计的路线, 與多個不同國家的設計師和藝術家 進行跨界合作, 打造出精彩的創意火花, 在世界各地舉行巡迴展覽, 成功奠定Toy2R在玩具界的領導地位。

玩具不再是玩具,而是具有更加高端 可开发的身份。


More Photo - 1626 4thX100th潮夜瞩目全城

Master Q - 45th Anniversary Exhibition

To cerebration of Master Q - 45th Anniversary, OMQ Zmedia Ltd. with MTR brings Master Q 45th Anniversary Charity Exhibition in Maritime Square. Toy2R was honored to participate in the event, and invited to design a custom 170cm tall Master Q.

Master Q - 45th Anniversary Exhibition
Date: 3:00p.m. 11 Jan 2009 - 8 Feb 2009
Venue: 1/F, Fantasy Island, Maritime Square, 33 Tsing King Road,Tsing Yi, N.T., Hong Kong

OMQ Comic

Maritime Square

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Design Awards 08

congratulation to Alan Yip - invention SushiClock has been awarded the 2008 China Red Star Award - Best Originality Design

We are Gald to have the project with Alan Yip of the Sushi Calculator in 2008

Qee Sushi Black Transparent Calculator
Qee Sushi White Transparent Calculator

Tech Magazine x Qee Calendar 2009

Tech Magazine x Qee Calendar 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Book by MCA of Evil Design

*MCA* of *Evil Design* & *TOY2R* are proud to present the new book *'Simian Nation'*

This is Toy2R's first publication in a new series of *Artist Collection Books*. Not only is *'Simian Nation'* TOY2R's first release in this series, it is also MCA's first book.

*'Simian Nation'* is 96 full color pages, 200 mm x 148 mm, soft cover with the first edition limited to 1000 copies.

The book covers the evolution of MCA's signature character the *'Evil Ape'* The Evil Ape is shown in all his incarnations: Vinyl Figures, Qees, Stone Sculptures, Street Art, fashion & more.

*'Simian Nation'* is available now. Thank you for Supporting Evil*.

2.5 inch Qee Zhong You Series - 2008 X'mas Bear

the final X'mas Qee Bear released in 2008 for Zhong You Department store in Beijing, China.

X'mas Qee deco at Zhong Yau!!

Wall Paper of the Zhong Yau Qee series: