Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Skelanimals x Qee 2.5” Artist Series Collection

The dead need love too and now you can express it with Dax, Kit, Marcy, Jack and Chungkee from the global phenomenon, Skelanimals ( , created by Mitchell Bernal!

Toy2R offers this teaser for the 2010 assortment of newly designed 2.5” Qee characters based on the Skelanimals core characters to be released worldwide. To add a unique spin to the line – the collection will feature “inspired by” original designs by some of the best designer artists from across the globe. More than 20 artists are participating in the first unearthly endeavor to bring Skelanimals to life in the designer figure realm. The collection will include a wide variety of artistic interpretations, all capturing the essence of the Skelanimals universe.

Road kill with heart will now come with a keychain attachment so you can carry your Skelanimals Qee wherever you go!

Eat Your Heart Out!

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