Saturday, October 3, 2009

Deady x Qee - 2009 version

DEADY by Voltaire (musician, toy designer and creator of the DEADY graphic novel series) x Toy2R Qee = the ADVENTURE QUEST DEADY 8" Qee!

DEADY 8" Qee comes in a full color box wrapped in gorgeous art from the Adventure Quest Worlds game!

PLUS!A DEADY mini-game made by Artix can be played here:
Each box comes with a code that unlocks these items in game:

1) A digital Deady pet that follows you wherever you go in game!
2) Free downloads of the songs Voltaire sings in the quest!
3) And other "house" items players can use in the game.

Now available from Toy2R , APEX Trading Company distribute in USA.

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