Thursday, August 13, 2009

Toy2R x Fully Visual - 2.5" Qee Real Metal Bear

2.5¨ Qee Bears in real metal from who else but FULLY VISUAL company . TOY2R is the first Designer cooperation Collaboration with FullyVisual,these drop:

There are three editions shown above (gold, silver, and copper) plus a special bonus chase for customers who purchase the set of all three.

each colorway has a limited run of 50 figures made
Silver US$40, Copper US$50, Gold US$60
Buy all three and get a secret bonus chase figure

Date: August 13th 2009 Thursday
Time: 11 AM PST
Where: FullyVisual online store .

The bonus chase is pretty sweet - but that's all we can say for now.

Good Luck to get the one you like ASAP!

A small, one man, operation specializing in fine hand cast metal figures and other cool items designed by your favorite artists. These limited edition figures are cast from meticulously hand sculpted prototypes, meeting the exact specifications of each individual artist. All characters/figures are the property of their respective trademarks and copyrights and owned solely by the artists as named. Keep checking
back for future limited releases from the world's greatest artists.

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