Wednesday, August 6, 2008

About Qee

Qee, pronounced as ‘Key’, is a registered design patent from Hong Kong and created by our founder and President of Toy2R, Raymond Choy. Qee was introduced in 2002 causing hype amongst toy collectors worldwide, but soon after caught the attention and imagination of art lovers, graphic designers and the world’s youth alike. It has since then, taken the world by storm.

Toy2R has seventeen Qee concepts to date and these mini figures stand 2.5 inches tall. They are used as both a fashionable accessory (keychain) and/or designer toy collectable. They come in 'blind’ boxes to conceal their identities simply to add excitement in the collecting process. So you never know what figure you will get and if you find that you have duplicates you could always work a trade.

Each of our Qee figures are designed by renowned artists/designers from across the globe. Toy2R also provides D.I.Y Qees (Do It Yourself) for aspiring artists/designers with a touring gallery show.

Qee is a user friendly product with a simple two step process to assembling and disassembling your accessible Qee-chain. All you need to do is follow these procedures:

1. Twist the head gently from side-to-side until the head detaches from the body.

2. Place the keychain around the neck of the Qee and reattach the head to the body.

If you find that you are still having difficulties you may follow the diagram provided from