Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Toy2r Best Block Toy 2007 - Qee

BEST OF 2007
AFT Best Of Awards for 2007!

Best Block Figure: Toy2R/Qee Line
Capt. Collector: One thing I gotta give it up to Qees! they are 100% art and design driven, and its really refreshing to me to see the artist beat the forefront of a product.
Umpire: A perennial favorite, Toy2r are just top shelf!
Toygodd: This is an interesting category. A lot of people dont get whatthe Qee is. Through Raymond Choys (President of Toy2R) hard work, Qeesare used in the commercial world by a lot of huge companies. Toy2R alsocontinues to innovate the line with new designs, artists and sizes.Congratulations for a job well done.
Randy: For a line I have never understood, it keeps building each year andToy2R is at the front of it. With the inclusion of licensed items from theSimpsons, it seems like there no end in sight for them.
Thank you to all the judges. and Toy2r will be continue put effort to run the Art Toy business.

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