Friday, January 11, 2008

Ms Kirna Zabete Bunee Qee


New York shopping mecca Kirna Zabete and design studio Calliope joined forces with Designer Art Toy manufacturer Toy2R to bring a “Miss KZ” Bunny Qee to New York and Tokyo.

After eight successful years in business, luxury retailer Kirna Zabete has branched out into the urban toy market. Known for their avant-garde fashion offerings and cutting edge lifestyle goods, Kirna Zabete has been a must stop for fashion editors, celebrities and discerning fashionistas alike for several years. Started in 1999 by best friends and former dorm mates Sarah Easley and Beth Buccini, the store, located in New York’s Soho district has always been “ahead of the curve.” After opening a second store in Tokyo in 2007, Beth and Sarah were looking for the next way to expand their brand and to stay “ahead of the curve.”

In the spring of 2007, Jd Boujnah of Calliope Studios approached Beth and Sarah about the idea of collaborating on an urban toy. Known for his whimsical character designs and playful aesthetic Jd has designed toys for Yoyamart , Toy2R and Kidrobot and was intrigued by the idea of fusing the worlds of high fashion and urban toys. Beth and Sarah were thrilled with the idea of this kind of collaboration, and thus Miss KZ was born!
Miss KZ will be available in two sizes: her full size: 9 inches and a mini Bunee key chain that is 3 inches high. She is a made of molded vinyl. Qee, the number one platform designer art figure, are manufactured by famed urban toy maker, Toy2R owned by Raymond Choy in Hong Kong. She will be available for sale at Kirna Zabete and Yoyamart by mid-December. She will also be available for sale online at by the end of December.


edwin27723583 said...

Too much drawing on that Qee!Can you guess who I am?

Anonymous said...

Very nice qee lovely detail