Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2" Mini Spider Boom series 1

Asst A 25 pcs + Asst B 25 pcs
= 50 pcs of Two inner Box (Case)

1/30 CherryBoom
1/20 BiingaBoom
1/20 CreamyBoom
1/15 SoftyBoom
1/30 ChocoBoom
1/15 SprinkleBoom
1/30 WhippyBoom
1/15 MelonBoom
1/10 DaisyBoom
1/15 AppleBoom
1/30 CheesyBoom
2/15 Chef SpiderBoom

The style not print on Box as mystery style

1/60 Black Clear Chef SpiderBoom
1/15 Flock Chef SpiderBoom
1/60 Glow In Dark Chef SpiderBoom

2" Mini Spider Boom series 1 Based on Uglydoll co-creator Sun-Min Kim's Spider Boom character, this mini figure assortment features her creation in bright colors and cool poses. With the eyes on the prize, Spider Boom can be displayed anywhere you like, bringing you happiness and joy all day long. This is the first appearance of Spider Boom in mini-figure form, so don't miss out! Vinyl. Price is listed at SRPUS$3.99. From Toy2R. (Sept solicits scheduled to ship in Nov from preview Magazine)

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