Sunday, June 17, 2007

Interview by Bare, Greece

Bare: who is your favorite eastern toy artist/designer
Raymond: I 've been working and know lot of Artists, I like Alice Chan, Tim Tsui, Eric So, Brotherworks, Bwing...

Bare: who is your favorite western toy artist/designer
Raymond: I love the work from Tim Burton and Todd Mcfarlane, David Horvath, Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, Kozik...

Bare: who is your favorite toy manufacturer
Raymond: there is no question... Mcfarlane Toys

Bare: what was your favorite toy for 2006
Raymond: Choco and Minty designed by David Horvath

Bare: your most anticipated toy for 2007
Raymond: Dr. Bomb from Kozik, the biggest toy we 'll ever produce in 2007

Bare: the most expensive toy you ever owned !!!
Raymond: our 60" Qee which is very expensive but look good in our Office

Bart: what is your favorite toy/blog/site

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